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  • Jeremy Sheffield

What is Movie Goals?

I swore that I would never start another blog again. I have had a blog about being a live in landlord (you can purchase my book on the Amazon Kindle entitled “How I Got Other People to Pay My Bills” and be the third person to do so), a shopping blog for nerds called Shoppingfornerds.com (It seemed like a great title at the time), and a movie review site called Movie Rabbit Hole. I started all of these blogs to try and make money in the New Wild West of the internet and I failed miserably at each attempt.

I had been free from any and all internet related delusions of grandeur when I went to the Wednesday one night showing of the unrated cut of Lars von Trier’s “The House that Jack Built”. When I was discussing other Trier films with another fan, I described his films as saying “These films are not for people that don’t go and see a lot of movies. If you have not been properly trained in cinema, you will go into a Lars von Trier film and pull a muscle. His films are cinematic cross-fit events.”

It was that link between working out and watching movies that stuck with me for awhile. Athletes have athletic goals that they want to achieve and that they work hard towards. These goals are posted throughout social media and they are celebrated when they are achieved. The more I thought about that, the more I longed for something to celebrate in my hobby. Something to look forward to or strive towards. I needed… (Dun duh DUN) a Movie Goal!

I want to be able to celebrate when I spend 10 hours watching movies at the theater. I want to rejoice when I make it through all of the Police Academy films (so far, I am at zero watched). I want a place to discuss the fact that I have seen 32 Nicolas Cage movies and to decide if that is too many or too few. When I have a hot take on a classic film or discover something we all have missed, I want a place to talk about it.

This is going to be a place where movies are watched and watching them is celebrated. I have realized over the last few years that my opinion about whether a movie is good or bad is probably the least interesting thing I can say about a film, so while I will probably inject my feelings into some of my writings, I want it to be more about the celebration of film watching.

Most of the goals that I have come up with for Movie Goals so far have been around sitting down and watching a movie. My first one is to watch a movie a day. At the time of writing this post, I am 44 movies ahead of a movie a day. That is thanks to a lot of double and triple features. My next one is to catch up on more classic films. I am defining a classic film as anything that came out before 1980. My last one for the moment is to watch all of the Godzilla movies. I am 8 Godzilla movies in and it has created some unique problems for me that will be discussed in another blog post.

I am excited to start this blog about my love of movies. The movies have given me so much over the years and I cannot wait to start giving back in some small way.